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Manufacturer of industrial machinery

VMAQ was founded with a mission to completely transform manufacturers to produce with high technologies. We help enterprises enhance their entire power of production, or supply chain operations by supplying the exactly needed types of machinery or services.

VMAQ represents the Spanish famous brand Nargesa in Turkiye.

VMAQ serves as a turnkey complete production facility consultancy company for the metal forming industry, as well as an important supplier of the requested machinery.

VMAQ offers its customers technologically innovative and top-quality systems as well as sustainable solutions for the economic success of its customers.

VMAQ is highly specialized in the supply of Sheet Metal Working machines to meet the customer's needs. It is a leading supplier of Plate and Profile Bending Machines, Pressbrakes, Shears, Guillotines, Lasers, Bandsaws, Ironworkers, Mandrel and non-mandrel machines, and all customized types of different purposed machines in sectors of Metal, Food, Sanitary, ect..



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Manufacturer of industrial machinery

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